The whole idea behind the Little Pool concepts is to offer a great looking pool, which is incredibly easy to install at a very affordable price.

We get that not every pool site is the same which is why we give you the flexibility to pick and choose how your pool is ordered so that you only pay for what you need.

Our “nude pool” prices start from as little as $16,750 (from the factory door). What is a nude pool? Well put simply, it doesn’t come with any cladding – perfect if you intend to build a deck around your pool and the sides won’t be visible. You can even customise your order so that some sides have cladding and others don’t.

Our fully-clad options start from $18,850 – the thing is you have choices! Mix and match your cladding choices to suit your tastes and overall budget. We have several cladding choices and multiple colour options!

Customisation options.

And finally, you can customise your pool to make it the perfect choice for your backyard, add heating, salt chlorinators, mineral water systems, water features, swim jets and multi-coloured LED lights to name a few.

Prices are in AUD, they do not include shipping

What’s included in the price

What’s included in the price of a Little Pool?

  • Super-tough, high-end composite fibreglass pool shell (manufactured by one of Australia’s most respected pool brands).
  • Unique GRP exoskelton support system for free-standing above ground pool system
  • Cladding (if selected)
  • Pumps
  • Catridge Filter
  • LED Pool Light
  • Skimmer Box
  • Basic pool maintenance kit

What else to budget for….

  • Freight from factory to your site
  • A crane (if needed)
  • An electrician to connect power to your pool
  • A concrete slab

Optional extras.

Little Pool Co Relax plunge pool in a backyard near trampoline
Little Pool Co Refresh plunge pool in a backyard

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